Custom Jewelry

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We offer a variety of custom jewelry options. Although we sometimes we start totally from scratch, many times a design starts a heirloom stone or grouping of stones.  If the customer can provide us with a sketch or picture we can then start the design process. First we carefully measure and inspect all the required gemstones.


The exact representation is then built in our 3 D modeling program.  We can then interpret the customer’s wishes using scale versions of the stone(s) to be used.  Once we are happy with the result we can export a scale drawling or render for the customer to inspect.


We also have at our fingertips all the pertinent metal information to provide a firm price to product the piece.  Should the customer require changes to the original design, we are able to quickly and accurately make adjust and deliver a new set of drawings.  Once the design is settled we 3D print a model at an extremely high resolution 43 µm (0.0017 in.)  This part can them be cast directly into the metal of your choice.


From the raw casting born of the latest technology, the finishing and setting portion is decidedly old school.  Casting are hand filed and pre polished prior to setting.  During setting process the seat for each gemstone is painstakingly cut by hand, the stones are placed in the seat and then the prongs are pressed down and dressed to securely hold the gemstone in place.  Finally a multi stage polishing process truly brings the piece to life and make it ready for its new home.


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