1. Doesn’t it cost more to build a necklace versus just buying the whole thing at once?

      There may be a slight increase when you build you add pearls over time versus buying it in its entirety, but that is what will make your thoughtfulness especially appreciated. As her Princesse Legacy Pearl necklace begins to take shape, she will look forward with anticipation to each year’s addition of cultured pearls!


    1. Why should I buy a cultured pearls instead of the clothing she has on her gift list?

      In two years, she will either have outgrown the clothing or it will be out of style, so it will be discarded. The Princesse Pearl Legacy, however, never goes out of style. She will still be enjoying your gift ten, twenty, thirty years from now… and she’ll be thanking you every time she wears it! A classic Akoya pearl necklace is an essential piece of any woman’s wardrobe.


    1. How does this compare to the Mikimoto pearls I’ve read about?

      Mikimoto pearls are considered the standard of excellence for pearls. The Princesse” Pearl Legacy Collection meets or exceeds Mikimoto quality standards, but at a greater value to our customers. For many years we sourced pearls from Mikimoto’s wholesale division, at that time they also offered an add a pearl program, when they discontinued their program as a result of corporate restructuring, they referred their existing customers to the Princesse brand.


    1. Should I add pearls one at a time or by the inch?

      Either way will achieve the same result over time, however adding by the inch makes the process more predictable. Many customers choose to add an inch per year which completes the necklace in time for her 16th Birthday.


    1. How do I know that the pearls will match when I add future pearls to the necklace?

      We begin the process by using only the finest Japanese cultured pearls available.   Our pearl buyers are very experienced in sourcing strands that are consistent in shape, luster and surface.  Additionally, our overseas produces are well acquainted with our color and quality requirements, as a result we are able to consistently source uniformly high-quality matching pearls year in and year out regardless of when they are purchased.


    1. How can I judge the quality of my cultured pearls?

      We’re so glad you asked! Click here!