Princesse Starter Necklaces

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Choose from graduated or uniform configurations. Uniform necklaces use all the same size pearls, and hence, are consistent from front to back when completed. It’s generally accepted with uniform Japanese pearls that there will be a .5mm graduation between front and back so a 6.5mm Strand will have 6.5mm pearls in the front and taper slightly down to 6mm at the very back.


Graduated strands have a more pronounced difference in size from the front to back. If building a necklace pearl by pearl one could build whatever graduation they like, however the traditional and most popular graduation is a 3x7mm. This starts with a 7mm in the front center and tapers back to 3mm at the back.



Available with a fine link cable chain in 14k White or Yellow gold, Gold filled or Sterling Silver. Each starter necklace contains one or more of our AAA quality fine quality, Japanese Akoya pearls. Look for our “B” trademark to ensure authenticity.


When your Princesse necklace is completed, you will have created a pearl necklace that will rival the beauty and quality of the top Akoya pearl necklace. Surely to be an heirloom to be cherished for lifetime.