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Timeless Elegance

A Princesse Cultured Pearl Necklace offers the perfect combination of elegance, sentimentality and distinctive quality. Select from our beautiful uniform or graduated starter necklaces as the perfect gift that continues giving. All Princesse necklaces are carefully hand strung and individually knotted on pure silk. They are attached to a petite cable chain and are available in 14k yellow gold or 14k white gold. Although the standard length is 16", they are available in custom lengths and configurations. We are happy to create a pearl necklace that is completely unique to you.


Guaranteed Quality

Each year, thousands of cultured pearls are harvested from the waters of Japan, but only a few are deemed to be of a high enough quality to be worthy of being considered a Princesse pearl by our expert buyer. Princesse Cultured Pearls are internationally know for their consistent rich hue, brilliant luster and cultivated depth - by choosing Princesse, you can be assured that you are giving the finest quality of its kind. And most importantly, when your Princesse necklace is completed, you will have created a pearl necklace that will rival the beauty and quality of the finest pearl necklaces in the world.

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