Our Pearls

Only the finest Japanese Akoya pearls are used in the Princesse Plus Legacy Collection.


Imported directly from Japan, our quality pearls represent the top 1% of the entire world’s production. All strands are carefully inspected for shape, cleanliness (little or no blemishes), consistent ultra-high luster, and just the right pink hue. Settling for nothing less than perfection, we reject the “near-perfect” strands offered because they don’t meet all of our exacting criteria.

Global Reach

Although there are add a pearl programs like ours, no one carries the same quality of pearls and consistently supplies them for as long as we have. In order to satisfy our demand, we have partnered with the world’s largest pearl cultivators, as well as many smaller overseas producers. We do this to guarantee the quality that our customers have come to expect.


We have been supplying pearls to the finest jewelry stores in America since the 1920s. In order to ensure quality and protect to the consumer, each Princesse Pearl is individually carded and quality sealed at the factory.